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  • Gabriella Baleta

How to Secure your Digital Assets in the New Web 3.0

Finimize Community Conversation

On the 18th of March, the PAD team hosted a live event with the Finimize Community. Finimize is the world’s best finance community, offering one-of-a-kind insights on the biggest news, opportunities, and strategies from a team of world class analysts. The online event is a 15-minute conversation between panellists, which then leads into a Q&A session between the speaker and the audience.

Christopher, a Cryptographer in SW7’s Research & Development team, and Gabriella, the Community Manager for PAD, teamed up on the 18th of March to discuss the new Web 3.0 investor mindset.

The topic of conversation: How to Secure Your Digital Assets in the New Web3.0

Christopher and Gabriella discussed the following:

  • The importance of understanding the trust model and security architecture of wallets and recovery mechanisms that we adopt

  • Properties we should care about when choosing password managers and important distinctions between password-based and public key cryptography-based authentication

  • Crypto wallet options available to digital asset holders for holding and securing cryptocurrencies or NFTs

  • The difference between hot/online wallets, cold/offline wallets, and paper wallets

  • What a seed phrase is, how it is different from a private key, and how we should secure it

  • Social recovery wallets

To watch the recording of the live event, please follow the link to our new YouTube channel and enjoy:

How to Secure Your Digital Assets in the New Web 3.0

If you would like to keep up to date with the PAD team, follow us on our social media channels:

Twitter: @PADtech_team

LinkedIn: PAD Tech

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